(Tegra K1 COM): Small is the new Powerful ..

Avionic Design GmbH presenting the first CUDA® enabled, embedded/industrial market high-end processor-module based on the NVIDIA® Tegra® K1 SoC.

Tegra K1 COM
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NVIDIA® just released the names of it's premier partners for K1 and custom designs and retail. We are very proud to announce that we are one of them!

Furthermore, we are a launch partner for the Jetson™ TK1 CUDA® Development Board for Embedded.

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Embedded World 2014

Avionic Design goes embedded, Embedded World 2014 (Booth 4A-430), showcasing our Tegra™ based producs.

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Tamonten™ NG catches on

Avionic Designs Tamonten™ NG is ...

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Open Source Tegra Graphics Driver

Open Source Tegra Graphics Driver Opening Up New Opportunities

Avionic Design is proud to announce that we have recently been able to complete a significant development milestone. We take pride in being an official worldwide partner for NVIDIA in the embedded space and continue to commit to this partnership.

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embedded world 2012

This year we are again on the "embedded world 2012".

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EN 9100 certification

Avionic Design is being certified according to EN 9100.

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Product-News: aerosight

Lufthansa Technik’s cabin surveillance camera aerosight™ enables pilots to monitor cockpit access, cabin and cargo areas – without requiring any additional hardware.

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Tamonten™ Roadshow announced for October/November

Avionic Design will present its embedded evaluation platform Tamonten™ at the Lattice Campus Days 2011. During the one-hour presentation we will introduce the Tegra technology and the Avionic Design PCIe FPGA framework. The hands-on part of the presentation will give an overview on how to use the platform.

The Event will take place in München (25.Oct.2011),? Frankfurt (15.Nov.2011) and Berlin (17.Nov.2011).

The registration fee is 125€. Each participant receives an Lattice FPGA or CPLD eval kit. Snacks are also included.


Product Announcement: PlutuX™

PlutuX™ is an ultra low power embedded streaming client solution. It features the first carrier board for Avionic Design’s NVIDIA® Tegra 2 processor module (1373-101). Targeting power sensitive embedded multimedia front-end applications, it has been designed and optimized to meet economic and power efficiency requirements while not sacrificing reliability. Due to the modular concept it is an ideal basis for customized designs.

Running GNU/Linux it is the perfect platform for professional systems.

Avionic Design does have a complete GNU/Linux distribution which is naturally available in sources. Furthermore we will support selected FOSS projects to allow self contained, independent systems.

Visit us on the Embedded World 2011 in cooperation with NVIDIA (Hall 9, Booth 578).

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Product Announcement: NVIDIA Tegra2 based processor module for embedded avionic and industrial applications

Avionic Design GmbH is proud to announce the first aviation-ready Tegra2 processor module on the market. Coming as a double-height S0-DIMM module, compatible with the NVIDIA Harmony development board, it helps to keep engineering costs low and shortens software porting times. As such it is part of Avionic Design's Custom-Carrier initiative.

Please contact for further details, quotes or customization requests. This first incarnation of our cooperation with NVIDIA will also be the basis for various upcoming products.

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