PlutuX changes your TVs into a powerful computer-network.

It is the core competence of this network, to provide an Infotainment to the user, which is arranged according to your own taste. The Interface, as well as the features, are indiviualized.

PlutuX can be smoothly staked to your existing system. So that services can be focused allocated to the user and you can safe your own ressources at the same time.

An effective infotainment system, which provides all opporunities of the modern media.

PlutuX has the option to ask for access authorization via chip card. It can inquire the authorization of the user, as well as the presence of employees.

To round the system off, PlutuX contains a modern wireless technology called ZigBee®. Contianing this technology, your network finds itself in a cloud, which allows to handle almost every mechanism by your Television. Light switches, heaters or jalousies can be handled easy by the remote.

For the effective use of every feature, all processes in your system, can be configurated und automated in a personal Interface.

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