Med@Com Terminal WIDE

The med@com WIDE series heralds a new era of multimedia terminals. The attractiveness of this product series is its modular processor architecture, which allows optimal configuration of the terminal for every requirement. You may chose IP-TV without touch screen or high-end multimedia platform with PCIe bus to connect special functions, med@com WIDE offers a suitable configuration for each installation for a favorable initial price.?

Power is supplied via 24V adapter and is upgradable to central power supply and/or PoE+ connection.?

Another advantage is a modular touch technology various options. Whether single-/multi-touch or without touch screen, with user-defined touch keys only, our platform offers the right solution for every demand.?

Technical data of the med@com WIDE

  • 15,6" wide screen display with LED backlight
  • IP-TV/Radio
  • capacitive sensor keys (no wear)
  • front stereo loud speaker
  • head set connection
  • Ethernet connection
  • USB port
  • closed body

By using the med@com hospital work processes can be improved by utilising human resources through the economisation of staff’s duties. The med@com enables personnel at the point of care to save accessed patient files and relevant documentation and information.


  • touch screen
  • "clear view" multi-touch for zoom and scroll
  • TV/radio tuner (analogue or DVB-C/T)
  • contact smart card reader
  • contactless RFID card reader
  • LAN port on terminal for patient's notebook
  • WLAN b/g/n for wireless internet access
  • power supply upgrade to 60V for central power supply
  • POE+ (.at standard) compatible
  • Voice over IP or analogue telephone
  • camera
  • barcode reader

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