CSC - Cabin Surveillance Camera

The cabin surveillance camera (CSC) enables pilots to monitor cockpit access, cabin and cargo areas – without requiring any additional hardware.

The CSC can simultaneously handle up to 16 cameras in the pressurized area of an aircraft. Using this flexible, innovative system the pilots are able to monitor access to the cockpit and overlook the cabin as well as the cargo compartment. The camera automatically switches between a coloured day view mode and an infrared night view mode.

The CSC is an IP (Internet Protocol) based camera with an integrated LAN (Local Area Network) connection. It can be connected with the pilots’ EFBs (Electronic Flight Bag), a cabin terminal or other displaying devices like laptops. Neither additional routers or network switches are needed nor are proprietary displays or system control units required.

This CSC has been developed as an OEM product for Lufthansa Technik to be used in airliners.

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