PCB Population

With our machinery set for efficient PCB assembly, we can quickly and flexibly assemble the circuit boards for our products. Paste printers, pick and place machines and vapour phase soldering machines are used effectively to ensure reliable assembly results.

With an automatic optical inspection system (AOI) we visually monitor printed circuit board assembly.


Qualified personnel perform the assembly of high quality components. Small and large batches of up to several 1000 units per year are not a problem for us, therefore we provide a tracking system for production batches.

An overpressure-table is available for special dust free assembly work. Our store as well as the production area is equipped to be an ESD compliant work environment.

Avionic Design has taken care of RoHS compliance and already dealt with necessary adjustments in materials and manufacturing. Based on our experience with modern machinery and equipment, manufacturing was switched to lead free, and therefore RoHS compliant electronics manufacturing.


We undertake comprehensive and accurate output tests to ensure that our products meet the required standards. For every device that passes our final testing procedure a record of testing is filed. 24 hour burn-in tests are generally performed in test racks for all of our manufactured units.


Maintenance and service of the equipment we supply is of the up most importance. It is our primary objective to carry out necessary maintenance and updates with a short turn around time. Close and effective co-operation with our customers helps us to keep this process simple and efficient.