Open Source Tegra Graphics Driver

Open Source Tegra Graphics Driver Opening Up New Opportunities

Avionic Design is proud to announce that we have recently been able to complete a significant development milestone. We take pride in being an official worldwide partner for NVIDIA in the embedded space and continue to commit to this partnership.

The Linux kernel DRM (Direct Rendering Manager) graphics driver, developed by Avionic Design, enables customers and users of NVIDIA Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 based products to go with an open-source graphics system once version 3.8 of the Linux kernel is released. This underlines our commitment to FOSS (Free and Open Source Software), trying to give back to the community. It will enable new applications in the embedded space, e.g. where code reviews are a requirement. It will foster Tegra further evolving as the stable and reliable platform that it already is.

Together with our partner NVIDIA, we have been working on planning and implementing this driver during 2012. Now that it has been merged into the mainline Linux kernel, it can be the basis for upcoming L4T (Linux for Tegra) graphics driver releases also, towards an easily maintainable and unified graphics driver implementation for Tegra.

The DRM driver portion has already been followed up by NVIDIA. Close collaboration made it possible to post follow-up patches only a day after our DRM driver was merged. These patches, which add experimental support that will eventually enable 2D acceleration, will need to undergo review and may be included in a future kernel version. Looking forward for some exciting developments ahead.