NVIDIA® just released the names of it's premier partners for K1 and custom designs and retail. We are very proud to announce that we are one of them!

Furthermore, we are a launch partner for the Jetson™ TK1 CUDA® Development Board for Embedded.

Avionic Design GmbH once again got highlighted for its outstanding engineering capabilities.

We are the engineering partner enabled to develop a fully customized design based on K1, tailored to your needs.

Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO and Co-founder of NVIDIA® presented the new Jetson™ TK1 CUDA® evaluation board, featuring Tegra® K1, during this years GTC keynote. Avionic Design was mentioned as a design partner for Embedded and a Distribution channel for the new mobile supercomputing platform on the website and in the official press announcement.

Avionic Design CEO Cornelis Broers said:

"The NVIDIA Tegra K1 is a breathtaking piece of technology. It's CUDA capabilities and low power envelope will allow us to tackle new markets as well as bring unprecedented and stunning performance to our existing applications and customers.

We take pride in being an embedded partner of NVIDIA since 2011 and we will continue to commit to this partnership."