Technology for Aviation

Avionic Design specializes in development and manufacturing of components for avionic applications. Know-how in embedded systems and experience in the implementation are the basis for reliable development.

The results are state of the art, versatile control components which complete a range of tasks within the aircraft cabin. Integrated in innovative systems, our components are used in the cabin for different functions like control aircraft seats, inflight entertainment systems (IFE), Wi-Fi, audio, surveillance and many other system functions.

For the realization are technologies like touch screen terminals with different screen sizes and intuitive user interfaces, capacitive switch panels, embedded computer units, WLAN, camera systems and sever units used.

Embedded Solutions

Our core competence is in the development of custom-made embedded hardware platforms with the additional low-level operating Systems and software driver. Therefore, the customers are in the position to use this basic system to put all their energy into the realization of the application. Next to the electrical platforms, we offer also the development of complete devices. The bandwidth of companies are e.g. Medical, Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Logistics, Surveillance, Biometric to Multimedia and Entertainment. Our Embedded platforms are in products worldwide.

Avionic Design can provide you with a fully customized design, turnkey solutions, support or just a processor board hardware. You decide.

For detailed information, quotes, custom designs and development support, please do not hesitate to contact us.