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Extensive expertise

We leverage not only our full know-how and experience, but every ounce of our passion for technology to bring you just the right solution you need. Either in engineering, manufacturing or extras like logistics or maintenance. Whatever your high-demand challenge.

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Key advantages

Three’s a charm

Why should you choose Avionic Design as your trusted partner? We have three good reasons. And these are just the beginning. There are even more, tailored to your specific needs. Just contact us to find out how we can serve you.

“Finding innovative solutions that solve any challenge a customer throws at us is what we live for at Avionic Design every day.”

Jörn Abraham, CEO Avionic Design

One-stop shop

Building holistic technology landscapes

We started out making single components, meaning we have over 20 years of experience collaborating with a range of teams to deliver quality and precision. From the very beginning, we have focused on full technology landscapes for embedded system applications. Starting with a concept to development to prototype production. And even going beyond this to series manufacturing. Providing consultancy all the along the way.

Single component engineering

  • Arrow pointing right Boards engineering
  • Arrow pointing right Baseboards for processor modules
  • Arrow pointing right Single-board computers
  • Arrow pointing right Single-board controllers
  • Arrow pointing right Sensor units
  • Arrow pointing right Units with housing
  • Arrow pointing right Camera units
  • Arrow pointing right Hardware units for AI, including software
  • Arrow pointing right Edge units
  • Arrow pointing right Software board support packages
  • Arrow pointing right Units for different IP class protection

Full technology landscapes

We can also look at the big picture and realize your project from start to finish – and beyond.

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  • Arrow pointing right Control systems
  • Arrow pointing right Automation systems
  • Arrow pointing right Entertainment systems
  • Arrow pointing right Quality assurance systems
  • Arrow pointing right Pattern recognition systems


What we deliver

From the initial idea to the final solution to logistics. We're setting high standards in everything we do. And our specialised EMS services are built upon our highly skilled staff and a state-of-the art machine park.


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    Hardware engineering

    Our motivated team of innovative engineers covers the entire process of hardware engineering – from the concept to the supplier selection to the prototype production to the optimization and testing of procedures. You can rest assured knowing that your design complies with the required standard (e.g. DO-254, CE).

  • Software engineering illustration

    Software engineering

    Our seasoned engineers for software focus on a range of competencies: low-level firmware, driver development for hardware components, board support packages and operating systems for processor-based devices. In fact, they engineer entire ecosystems for various processor platforms (e.g. ARM and x86). Our team of experts can also handle videos (e.g. GStreamer, VLC, V4L) and graphics (e.g. CUDA, OpenCL, OpenGL). The creation of GUIs and artificial intelligence frameworks is also a given. And everything can naturally be tested in semi- or fully automatic procedures.

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    Mechanical engineering

    Whether we start with a blank page or an existing design, our in-depth know-how of various materials (e.g. aluminum, steel, glass) and manufacturing methods (e.g. milling, casting, 3D printing) means you have a partner for mechanical engineering on your side who you can count on. Seamless integration into housing concepts is a matter of course.

  • System development illustration

    System Development

    We also take a look at the big picture. With device designs for existing systems. We can also support your airplane systems or device management solutions. When it comes to artificial intelligence, we generate AI systems with edge devices providing preprocessing and server frameworks featuring user interfaces for data entry and cloud services.


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    Quality is writ large at Avionic Design, and this can be seen in our expert knowledge of and testing-lab collaboration for the certification of components – for the aviation industry or CE requirements. We ourselves are certified according to ISO 9100 and ISO 9001, with a team of five in charge of quality assurance. To guarantee quality, our team identifies and analyzes problems to generate countermeasures and stabilize processes. This also includes personally supporting suppliers to achieve our goals together. After all, our suppliers deliver the quality that serves as a basis for further quality.

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    Electronic manufacturing service (EMS)

    We are an EMS service provider who sets great store on the quality of products and flexible working. Which is why we have bundled all the relevant production steps at our headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. Both for the IPC A 610 standard and Class 2. We continuously work on optimizing ourselves to ensure quality and flexibility at the highest level. To deliver high assembly efficiency while ensuring high embedded system quality, we have an entire machine park for SMT and THT with reflow oven and a selective soldering system. What’s more, we offer extensive system tests in the test bay and acceptance test procedures (ATP), making an essential contribution to quality and product safety.


  • Logistics illustration

    Logistics and storage

    For both engineering and manufacturing, we take care of the procurement of components and drawing parts. We then control the incoming items using modern measurement methods. This is followed by warehouse storage, including batch monitoring, parts, EOL stockage and the storage of finished units. Of course, all of this takes place in line with RoHS, REACH, Dual Use and Conflict Mineral policies and guidelines.

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    Components and systems are continuously subjected to wear and tear, operating at times under extreme conditions. To keep your downtime as low as possible, we repair manufactured components, units and devices, taking parts for the production from our warehouse storage. We then test the functionality based on clear testing requirements. Our services also cover troubleshooting and the analysis of errors and/or defects regarding electric and electronic devices. And we can fall back on our know-how of manufacturing and engineering to provide the reliable results you need.

  • EOL management illustration

    End-of-life (EOL) management

    EOL management is becoming more and more important when it comes to ensuring product safety. Especially in the aviation industry – yet every industry profits from our know-how. Our process starts with a selection of parts in light of long-term availability in the concept and development phases. It goes on to the close cooperation with our distributors across the product’s entire lifespan. We use proven SiliconExpert for the tracking of parts status, which also shows parameters such as NRND status and alternatives. Either way, our highest priority is to replace parts with similar components without changing the design. And if this is not possible, we work on a cost-saving solution together with you.

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